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Server Rules

Ignorance of the Law Excuses No One. All future updates/additions to rules will be announced on discord channel. 

Keep in mind, that every case is different and might require different punishment, so we have a right to solve them independently and give proportional punishments for each case

Base Building Rules

Violation will end up with base removing / doing that repeatedly – ban from server

#1 Insane size tower type bases are not allowed – huge camping tower, >7 floor

#2 NO Sky/floating bases.

#3 No Glitch base.

#4 No double doors/walls stacking (I.e. door put inside doors).

#5 Group can occupy only one pre-built base building spot or one K-18 Mobile Base per group. If group occupies more than 1 spot the second one will be wrecked without warning. If want to move to a new base spot then old ones must be cleaned in 6 hours. Also base griefing is not allowed. For example, blocking entrances on prebuilt base spots in order to prevent other players from making base in that spot. Same applies if you raid a base and leave entrances blocked. This rule only applies to pre-built base building spots. IMPORTANT: K-18 Mobile Base and K-18 doors can’t be used in other bases, to block entrances (even if its couple seconds), loot spots etc. K-18 doors can only be placed in K-18 Mobile base. Also, K-18 Base can’t be built within 200-300 meters radius around Military and City locations (warps) and 150 meters around other locations that are marked on the map. Also, entrance (doors side) to the base must be open (not blocked by rocks, objects etc). Violation of K-18 building rules will result in complete base wrecks/ban

Same rules apply to Spongebob and Squidward base except those bases can only have 1 door (1 spongebob doors for spongebob base, 1 squidward doors for squidward base)

#6 All barricades placed in base must be placed under same steam group and can’t be mixed with out of group or in-game group barricades. This means, if there is a single barricade in base placed under steam group – all other barricades MUST be placed under the same steam group and CAN’T be placed out of group or under in-game group. Any attempts to abuse 5x protection – will end up in complete base wipe.

Communication Rules

Violation will end up with mute from 6h to 3d / Extremely toxic player might be perma banned

#1 Only english in global chat

#2 No toxic talks

#3 No player bullying

#4 No racism

#5 No Other stuff related with disrespect to other players

Group Size Rules

Violation will end up with base removing or/and 3 days – perma ban or/and full data wipe (depends on situation)

Players can report their own group members or other players before getting reported themselves to avoid ban. If player provides enough legit proofs of crossteaming – that player will be able to get whole loot after base wreck.

#1 Max team size is 4 members (by plugin). Players CAN swap groups (leave old one and join another) but can only roam together while being in the SAME group

#2 Any kind of cross teaming is punished by wrecking bases for both teams. Except, situations when one team is helping another to protect base during raid or raiding together.

#3 Only one team is allowed to live in a single base spot.

#4 Passive teaming (roaming together and not killing each other) – bases wreck.

PVP Rules

Violation will end up with: 1st time – 10k balance deduct, 2nd time – 50k balance deduct + ranks wipe

#1 It is PVP server not RP. So you can kill everyone.

#2 NO warp trapping – no sentries, spikes, mines, walls etc on warps. Warp camping is not trapping, so you can camp, as there are multiple spawns/warps.

#3 Intentionally feeding (killing friends or other players to get balance/rank points). You can test some weapons etc, but not kill to farm money or kills.

Basic Rules

#1 Hacking – perma ban. (no matter how “small” hack is). Also, if you say you are hacking just to irritate some player – will be treated as confession (perma ban)

#2 No spamming – kick/24h ban

#3 No advertising – kick/ban perma.

#4 No asking items, tpa, balance from admin – kick/ban 24h.

#5 All buildables that are not bases (don’t have claimed bed inside) can be removed at any time. This means – sentries, campfires, plates, sandbags etc. Map is cleaned from various plates/sand bags etc daily

#6 Money/item gliching – player data remove / perma ban

#7 Bug abusing, i.e. reloading guns with obviously not normal mags or non raiding rpg ammo on vanilla rpg etc. If you see any kind of abusing, report it on discord.

#8 Balance/items selling for real money – perma ban

#9 Item trading/selling. Use /market to buy items from other players or /marketadd (need 500 kills to be able to use it) to sell your items. Trade items for items at your own risk – scamming is bannable (if you have enough evidence to prove it) but items you lose to scammer can only be refunded if scammer still have those items in his vaults. Same applies to buying/selling items not through /market.

#10 Trading items on one server for items on another is not protectable. Can do it on your own risk, but there are no refunds for such trades

#11 Purchasing ranks for in-game credits from other players. Players can purchase ranks for other player on server store (gifting option). However, warn admins before doing such trades and wait for permission to proceed unless you completely trust the person you are buying rank from or selling rank to. Scamming in such trades is bannable (if you have enough evidence) and refund is only possible if scammer still have credits/items/rank (whatever was involved in trade deal), unless you warned admin before doing such trade – in that case refund is guaranteed. Avoid trading with players with fishy accounts (fresh players/steam profiles, no ranks/no kills etc).

#12 Constantly accusing other players for hacking with no proofs in game chat or discord – warning/ban (24hours – 30days). Reports of hackers – on discord in player-report channel.

#13 Glitching into other bases – 1st time (if no troll account) – 7 days ban /+ complete player data reset. 2nd time -perma ban. Please note, that if your teammate glitched in the base and you are helping to raid – you are glitch raiding too. Same ban periods for both. Keep in mind, we have custom plugins that collects various data about raiding and players on server. There are no warnings. So if you somehow destroyed lockers before destroying walls/doors etc that are blocking the entrance to the loot – ban. Also, all the groups members could be banned. So play fair. If you somehow logged in some base spot (not owned by you) – you must immediately warp/teleport out of the base. The only allowed way to raid from inside is by betraying your teammates. Yet, you must report yourself on discord channel (betrayal-reports) before destroying/salvaging any lockers if your team members are offline. Also, sporadic rockets which goes through walls and destroys something – will not be treated as glitch raiding unless its done intentionally. Betrayal-reports discord channel is just for us, to prevent false reports about glitch raiding. So dont abuse it in order to ban other players or because you were kicked from your group. If you don’t report yourself before betrayal – you will be banned as for glitch raiding.

#13.2. If you using alt acc to glitch into other bases – both your accounts will be banned perma without warning.

#13.3. You can lift ban if you reach an agreement with a victim (example: give back their items, pay credits or do something else for them).

#14 Don’t ask admins to give back your items/vehicles you lost due to server restart, glitch, unexpected shutdown or any other way.

#15 Afk-jumping – 1st time 10k balance deduct, 2nd – 50k, 3rd – balance wipe

#16 Spreading disinformation while trying to diminish server’s image/reputation – ban from 7 days to perma

#17 Impersonating into other players (using their in-game names) or admins – 24 hours ban (first time), 7 days ban (second time), perma ban (third time). This doesn’t include normal names (John/Rick etc) and other generic words (potato/panda etc)

#18 Staying on server while AFK and preventing auto-kick while jumping etc. – balance reduction and ban for 24 hours.

#19 Common sense