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WarzoneZ Features

Main WarzoneZ features are listed below.

Automated Events

#1 Pandora Box

Pandora box is an automated event which is happening each 50-80 minutes when 15 or more players are online. You need to stay in pandora zone for 5 minutes without leaving it to win a prize (from high-tier to top-tier stuff). If you win pandora – simply type /pandora and take your prize.

#2 Team VS Team

TVT is an automated event which is happening each 1-2 hours when 16 or more players are online. All registered players are divided to 2 teams and fights in special arena for 10 min. Team with most points – wins. Winners get random prize (5k coin, Silver TVT Trophy Cup or Golden TVT Trophy Cup) – type /rewardtvt to get your reward. 5k coin can be exchanged to money (/exchange) and Trophy Cups can be used to buy various stuff from TVT traders at safezone.

#3 Airdrops

There are 3 kind of airdrops (random, modded and vehicles). Best loot hides in modded airdrops. Modded airdrops can also be called with supply grenade which can be achieved in various ways. MVPs can check airdrop schedule /whendrop

#4 Ricardo Feasts

Ricardo drops some clothing in various location from time to time. Find it – take it.

Other Features


Type /tpa <Playername> to send teleport request to other player. /tpa a – to accept request. /tpa wl playername to whitelist requests from that player (will automatically accept tpa requests. Same command to remove player from whitelist). /Home – will teleport you to your claimed bed

#6 Warps

Type /warps to see all locations you can teleport to. Type /warp “warp name” to teleport to a certain warp

#7 Kits

2 free start kits -start, start2). There are also various kits for balance, you can see those kits on a website (Kits), or just by typing in game /kits. Type /kit „kit name” to achieve kit

#8 Vault

Virtual locker. Type /vault to store items in vault. /vault command will always open the biggest vault you got access to. Smaller vaults can be opened by /vault member | /vault vip | /vault mvp | /vault large

#9 Ammo

Type /ammo to buy a magazine for a weapon you are holding, price depends on weapon damage. Raiding weapon mags cost more. You can check a cost of magazine by typing /acost

#10 Ranks

Kill players and level up your ranks, with every new rank you get new reusable kit and balance. Ranks: fresh (5 kills) + 500 balance, firstblood (20 kills) + 1000 balance, bronze (100 kills) + 5000 balance, silver (250 kills) + 10000 balance, gold (500 kills) + 15000 balance, platinum (1000 kills) + 20000 balance, diamond (2000 kills) + 30000 balance, magic (5000 kills) + 50000 balance, destroyer (10000 kills) + 100000 balance, ironman (12500 kills) + 30000 balance, nolife (15000 kills) + 100000 balance. Kits are the same names as ranks. All rank kit previews can be found here: Rank kits

#11 Garage

Virtual garage to store your vehicles, like /vault for items, but this one is for transport. /GAdd VehicleName – Adds the vehicle the player is looking at to the Garage database. /GList – List all the vehicles in player’s garage. /GRetrieve VehicleName – Retrieves back the Vehicle from player’s garage. /GDelete VehicleName – Removes the vehicle from your garage. All players can store ONE car into garage. V.I.P can store 2 cars, 1 plane and 1 helicopter. YOU CANT ADD ANY VEHICLE WITH ANY BARRICADES ON IT!!!. You must lock car before adding to garage. All stats like (hp, fuel, battery) are saved too!

#12 Speed/Jump Boosts

There are multiple items which gives speed or jump boost. For example, full masterchief set, monster energy drink or s7jug set for mvp – gives speed boost. Full Halo set (TVT shop) gives jump boost.

#13 Guns, Armors Stats / Structures HP

Easily inspect every gun stats by pressing „F”. For armor stats – take it in hands and type /astats. You can also check the remaining HP of every structure by using pointing gesture on them.

#14 Shop

Type /buy itemID to buy item from shop. Type /buy V.vehicleID to buy a vehicle. Use “” to type full name, for example /buy “military drum”. You can pay other players by typing /pay playername ammount. Modded item ids can be found in Mods.

#15 Trading

Trade with other player safely. Type /trade to see more commands. You can use coins to trade for balance. Coins can be bought from shop and later exchanged back to balance. There are 5 coins (500/1000/5000/10000/50000 worth balance). You can buy those coins  by ids (35347/35348/35349/35350/35351) or by name (/buy „500 coin), (/buy „1k coin), (/buy „5k coin), (/buy „10k coin), (/buy „50k coin). If you want to exchange coins back to balance, just type „/exchange” , and all coins in your inventory will be exchanged back to balance). All coins cost same amount of balance as they are worth, for example 50k coin costs 50k balance)

#16 Offline Raid Protection

This is how offline raid protection works: After the last online member of a group disconnects the structures deployed by the group, in a certain radius (100m) around the position from which the last member logged out, gains a protection that works by modifying the amount of damage taken by the structure (x5) After the member disconnects there’s a delay (20mins) before the structures and barricades deployed by that group gain the protection (x5), that then proceeds to make them harder to destroy while the members are offline. You need to use STEAM groups (NOT in game groups) to use offline raid proteciton.

#17 Raid Alerts Via Discord (only for MVP)

Players who have MVP rank can link their discord to discord bot and receive notifications on discord when their structures are being destroyed. Type !link yourdiscordname#xxxx in game. Will get a message from raid alerts bot. Answer with yes to bot and all done!

#18 Gunbox

Type /gun to get 1 out of 100 random guns. (cost 1000 balance).

#19 Vote Rewards

Type /votea, /voteb, /votec . After that a new window will pop up, open it, login with your steam profile, click vote, go back to game and type /reward. You will get 1 out of 8 different gun+armor bundles

#20 Day/Maxskills Vote

Type /vote day or /vote maxskills to start vote. Type /cv to vote. Minimum % for vote to be successful is 40%

#21 TOP Daily/Weekly Winners

TOP 3 daily or weekly players (by kills) have a chance to win special armor set kits for day/week. Winner is chosen randomly out of 3 top players. Player with most kills have a 50% chance to win, 2nd – 30% chance, 3rd – 20% chance. Daily winner gets thor kit for 24 hours. Weekly winner gets thanos kit for 1 week. Thor set gives you 30% speed bonus / Weekly winner gets +150 HP when full thanos set equipped. Both sets have same stats: 70% dmg reduction, 50% explosions reduction. Use /toplist to check ranking table.