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 Welcome to WarzoneZ Unturned

WarzoneZHeavily Modded

Unturned PVP Servers

LTU [WarZoneZ] Mods / Ranks / Kits / Tpa / Shop / Vault

Europe Region

  USA [WarZoneZ] Mods / Ranks / Kits / Tpa / Shop / Vault

North America Region

About servers

○ Polytech base structures (including LTU glass) has – 15000 HP

○ Mega locker – 8000 HP, Futuristic locker – 50000 HP, Tanya – 60000 HP

○ No bleeding; No bullet drop; No fall damage; No leg break

○ Modded items spawns (spawns in same locations as vanilla items, including modded vehicles)

○ Custom map (constant updates – no wipe, rollback after map update). Map changing each two months

○ There are multiple pre-built base building spots in every WarzoneZ map. Polytech structures + pre-built base spots is the best way to protect your loot

○ You get balance for: zombie kill (40), mega zombie kill (500), player kill (50), for play time (every 20min +400)

○ 3 types of airdrops: modded items (best loot), custom items (vanilla) and modded vehicle airdrop

○ Multiple automated events (Pandora box, Team VS Team, Airdrops etc.)

○ Max group members – 4 (both, steam and in-game groups)

○ 24/7, No abuse



Multiple teleporting commands for less grinding

Automated Events

Pandora Box, Team VS Team, Airdrops etc.


Virtual garage to store your vehicles in


Vault (virtual storage) for keeping your items safe


Various kits to engage PVP

Ammo Command

/ammo gives you a magazine for your equipped gun

More features